Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Americanization of Corinne

  Corinne, our Chinese exchange student is having a full out American experience this year.  She played basketball at the local high school; learned how to ski, roller skate and dance.  Her favorite foods are now macaroni and cheese and Lucky Charms.  When you ask her "what's up, she now says, "nothing much", instead of - looking up and saying, "I don't know."  Corinne has also reduced her home work and study time to a good respectable American short amount of time, although she still won top in her school's math field day.(You can't take the smart out of Chinese students no matter what bad American habits you try and teach them.)  She's taken her A.C.T.s and can text on her phone as fast as you and I.
  But every now and then we find her on the computer skyping with one of her friends from China, speaking Chinese at a million miles and hour.  She'll be going back a very different person!

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