Thursday, 10 March 2011

I'm Really Sure

 I'm not sure about everything in life, but there's a few things I'm convinced of.

I believe that the world is round, which is why the kid's balls all roll across the street to lay in the neighbor's yard.

I'm sure that birds of a feather flock together because when one of my kids finds something evil to get into, they are sure to have one or more of their siblings  join them.

And it's proven that your sin will always find you out, as I have a  few select children who are always ready to tattletale on the others about the above mentioned evil.

It's also true that "a watched pot never boils", because who the heck has time for that?  I've never had to say to my family, "Sorry guys, we were going to have a nice spaghetti dinner but I couldn't help staring into the water -  So - eat you garlic bread - that's all you're getting."  

Some things are just common sense.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure?

Kate said...

No not really.