Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Getting Older Today

Jocelyn and Grandma Kate
Turning 56 today was pretty uneventful.  No wild parties. 

Did celebrate by:
*Taking a walk with two of my favorite friends and two of my favorite dogs
*Reading "A Door In the Wall" to my kids
*Going to lunch with my Mom and Dad (I'm so lucky)
*Eating the yummy chocolate, creamy cake that my friend Denise delivered to my door and not even thinking about whether it's healthy or not
*Thinking about all the friends who sent me a happy birthday greeting on facebook and remembering the different times of my life that made us friends.
*Listening to the Goben family sing happy birthday on my answering machine

And Jocelyn, my granddaughter, brought over a purple birthday card with a picture of her and me together and it said, "I love you Grandma Kate".  I especially like that she showed my very thin arms and legs.  Obviously all the healthy eating has paid off.

Pretty good day, hunh?


kym burke said...

the picture is very life like.. LOL

Shelby said...

I love the picture. I just love kids drawlings:) Happy Birthday Kate:)