Thursday, 3 March 2011

All Dolled Up and Real Food

Our exchange student, Corinne, had a basketball banquet tonight to celebrate the end of the season and the family was invited to attend.  I insisted that the kids dress up nicely for the event and you can see that not all the boys were excited about that idea. (Emma wasn't thrilled to wear a dress either!) When they got over the annoyance of button shirts and realized that there would be food at the banquet, their mood improved and they posed for a nice picture before we left.

  There were a few awkward moments at the dinner.  My poor children who have been subjected to healthy food all week got a little  embarrassingly excited about the food on the table. One would peruse the table and run back announcing, "There's macaroni and cheese!"  Then they would all run up and stare.   Every disgusting fat laden food looked like it had dropped straight from heaven to them.  What the heck....I let them go at it. 
  Corinne was proud that everyone had such a great time at her basketball awards and I didn't have to cook.   Great night!


Anonymous said...

Two nights ago I made the family a rice and beef stir fry with broccoli, celery, freshly grated ginger and garlic (with no finger - amazing!) pea pods, carrot, scallions and peppers.
Last night we had butterscotch pancakes with whipped cream.
There is just no consistency here.
The stir fry was more popular, except maybe with Ricky who got a chunk of ginger and was less than thrilled with it.
Keep up your healthy ways.Your kids may be sad, but it makes for good blog entries.

Anonymous said...
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