Saturday, 26 February 2011

You're No Cheese Puff

We love junk food around here.  Cheese puffs are my- go to feel good all time favorite - thing in the world.  Little Debbie calls me mom.
But I know that it's bad for us.  And I've resolved to make some changes.  
This week, my grocery cart kept trying to turn down the chip aisle but I wrestled it over to the "organics/health food" one instead.
So what do you eat when you can't have chips?
Here are our two new home made snack mixes.  They're filled with dried apricots and apples, granola things and puffs.  The kids were all excited about helping me mix them together and declared them delicious.
I'm mostly okay with all this.  Although I miss the orange dusted fingertips and the hydrogenated crunchy curly goodness.


Dawn said...

We are trying hard to eat healthier too. Those snacks look pretty good.

Emily said...

"Little Debbie calls me mom" Best line of the day.

hahahahaha. Crack up.

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