Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sugar Makes All Things Right

I dropped in last week to visit my granddaughter Scarlett.  She took one look at me and hid under a table.  I didn't take it personal.  I did however start working on a plan to once again win her affections.
What did I come up with?
Fruit Loops.  I met her and my daughter at Ikea today and handed her a pink bag (the pink part was important) with a box of this sugar drenched cereal.  (The sugar was also intricate to the plan as her mother is one of those people who believe that children should eat healthy food - I never raised her to be that way, but kids do what they want.)
And Scarlett said, "I love you Grandma Kate".

1 comment:

Karasmith said...

Worked as planned...although I only allow this as a treat and not for breakfast...she is treasuring it!!!