Sunday, 20 February 2011

Picture This

  Since switching years ago to digital photography I've never settled on a good solution to the storage and display of my pictures.  Looking through them on the computer is limiting and I didn't feel like they were safe (they really weren't).  I took so many I couldn't possibly print them all and how could I decide which ones to print and just how many albums could I store?
  Last year I decided to give a try to making a book with some pictures.  It was easy and fun and not too expensive.  The book documents our vacation at the beach last year and it's very well read around here.  I think it's a good alternative to photo albums because of it's durability.   And who doesn't love a book staring themselves?
What do you do with your pictures?


Rose Simpson said...

Great idea!

lorihays said...

I, too, LOVE making books like this! There are so many cute layouts, colors, etc. to use! It IS a realatively quick and easy way to document family life! I've also gotten a little more creative lately and just had some fun - for example, we have lots of halloween costumes we have collected through the we had fun letting our two youngest dress up in them last fall and I took pictures. Then I made an ABC Costume book for them - A for angel, B for bear, etc. We didn't have quite enough costumes for every letter, so then we had fun coming up with costumes for letters (e.g. Q for quarterback).Keep writng! I follow your blog!!!
Mom to 9 great kids!

Anonymous said...

how do you make these books?