Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Take a Bite My Little Pretty

  Our homeschool celebrates each and every day of the year and today was National Dog Biscuit Day (I don't make these up).  We did a little research into the history and found that there was none.  I believe that this particular holiday was proclaimed by a consortium of dog biscuit manufactures as a cheap publicity shot, but finding nothing else even remotely interesting on the "What's Happening Today in History" calendar, we went with it.  And what better way to enjoy the festivities then to cajole my children into tasting them.  The first few tentative nibbles went off without a murmur, but then the experiment apparently went bad.  The taste was likened to blood, poop, worms and cardboard.  I personally refrained from indulging and it sounds as though I made a good choice.  
The whole affair was monumentally more interesting than our math lessons.  


Anonymous said...

Benji says he wishes he was in your class.

Dawn said...

I have one that would probably try one. My girls said no way! How fun!

Emily said...

math, schmath. Eating dog biscuits will be something they remember FOREVER!