Sunday, 27 February 2011

Put It Down

  We have these great rocks in the garden in front of our front porch and this afternoon Elijah had the task of blowing the leaves out that had accumulated all winter.  It was actually an enviable job as the boy who got the job also got to wield a loud leaf blower.
  As I watched him I thought about the story in John 8 that Pastor Tim talked about in church today.  A woman had been caught in bed with her lover.  If that had happened today it would have been made into a sitcom, but at the time it meant death by stoning.  As this bad guilty woman waited for her punishment to begin, Jesus challenged those who had no sin to throw the first rock.  As the crowd dispersed He showed His heart of mercy and forgave the woman.  Not a rock was thrown and she was free to go and "sin no more".  
  I don't know about you, but I have needed that same forgiveness from the Lord on a regular basis and I have many occasions to offer it to my kids as well.
  Pastor Tim said it well - "Forgiveness is about dropping the rock".  
They look better in the garden anyway.


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Anonymous said...

Don't throw rocks. Stand on The Rock.