Monday, 21 February 2011

You gotta go

  We realized recently that we had one too many dogs.  Our new rescue dog, Maddie Lou, is doing great.  She's sweet and cuddly and when she stands on her back legs and begs at me with her front paws, I just just about die from cute overload.  Our oldest Miniature Pincher, Whit, is handsome and snappy and so smart that he runs the street in front of our house - he runs the people and the kids on bikes and he tells strangers to "go back where you came from'.  
  And then there's Jack.  He's got a weight problem.  I think he has a B.M.I. of like 87.  Unfortunately he also has a small head.  Really it's a pin head, which pared with a barrel body is not a good look on a dog or on anyone for that matter.  Jack's genetic misfortune doesn't end there.  He's nice enough but there's not a lot of thinking going on with him.  I could tell you a million stupid Jack stories, but I won't embarrass him.
  All of this is to tell you that Jack moved today to my daughter Kara's house.  She loves Jack and thinks he'll do just fine with her.

  The kids were more than a little sad and tried to make me feel bad by calling him a foster dog.  I did feel a little bad and Baltimore is only a short drive away if we need to visit. And these broken hearted little faces don't faze me......much.


Anonymous said...

You kept him in the family. Maybe city life will be more appealing to him.

Emily said...

Did you ask those children of yours to look as mournful and pitiful as possible? Look at those faces!

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Dawn said...

We had to give up a cat once. I hope they get over it.

Shelby said...

Kate you crack me up when you said the kids called him a "foster dog". Darn they know how to pull at your heart strings. Hey at least he is in the family:)