Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Live and In Concert

Tonight we were treated to -  yet another concert, staring my son Ezra and my granddaughter Annelise.  Someone neglected to teach Annelise that you need to play chords on the guitar and not just strum, but she made up for that instrumental faux pax with lots of wonderful choruses she had written about Jesus.  You can't go wrong with a Jesus song in my book.  Ezra had an interesting thing going on, reminiscent of a beatnik poet, but again with the whole Jesus theme.  Their performance obviously show cased original music, as it had that "I'm making up half the words as I go" feel and I did like the twist of Ezra with the pink guitar and Annelise the blue.  All in all, had they served popcorn or chocolate,  it would have been the perfect night.

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