Sunday, 26 October 2008

Saying Goodbye

This year we outwitted all the hundreds of deer that freely roam our backyard and had 3 huge, productive tomato plants.
The taste of that first of the season home-grown delicious tomato - red and juicy - sliced, still slightly warm from the sun...incredible. Every day this summer we picked some..they came a few at a time. I had them every morning for breakfast, sliced on the homemade bread James makes. Every lunch they made my turkey sandwich perfect, and they laid beautifuly on top of our dinner salads each evening. Every bit of summer was captured in each succulent bite.
A few days ago we had a frost warning.
We picked all the tomatos, both red and green.
Here's the last one.
I promise not to take a single bite of the disgusting bland faux tomatos they sell in the store.
Till next summer - goodbye
sweet thing. I loved you.


Kirsten said...

Mmmmmm, just thinking about garden tomatoes gets my juices running! I can't wait for mine next year. So what was the trick to keep the deer out?

jen said...

Yummy... I so agree.

Kelly said...

It is a shame to see them go, they were great. We will have them again next year.