Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Ready for Launch

After a long 4 day visit, the adoptive family for our little ones feels ready to commit to the kids. I was glad to hear that the attachment issues that we've seen, were evident on the visit. Kids with these problems are difficult to parent, even at an early age and the parents need to know that they can handle it. We recommended that they get training in dealing with RAD kids now, so that they have the best chance of helping her be successful in their family.
The social worker came out yesterday and gave her blessing on their move. The girls were excited to have a forever family and they truly love their new mom and dad. The little guy on the other hand, at two, doesn't have a clue. He did know, from being moved often, that the worker meant something bad was going to happen and cried in terror and clung to me. He will have a hard time with this move....hopefully the last of his life time.
This will be our second- in- a- row good pass off, of our foster kids. I'm happy for them. But my heart is getting as tired of this as my knees.


Emily said...

I'm speechless, 'cause I want to sound optimistic, but it sounds so sad for your end. You're only human after all! (or ARE you?)

deana said...

bitter sweet isn't it? sounds like a great family and sounds like you've done a great job helping the kids and attachment issues. Special crown in heaven for ya:-)