Thursday, 16 October 2008

Counting Contractions

It's starting to feel familiar. Sitting again in a hospital room with a daughter, waiting for a new grandbaby to be born. Lane's baby will be grandchild #12. Each one is as exciting and sweet as the first.
I can't wait to hold and kiss her.
I'll update with pictures as soon as she arrives. I love wireless internet in hospitals! name yet. Josh is still searching for just the right one.


Emily said...

When your daughters give grandbabies, they like to coordinate, don't they? lucky you with a new matching 2008 set.

smallgreenriver said...

We're having a party here at home. Tell Lane that Layla is in charge.

Perri said...

Perri is always available. I find there are not many of us out there.

Praying everything goes smoothly.

mary grace said...


And by the way, I LOVE your blog. Your posts have made me laugh AND cry. I needed that tonight!

deana in taiwan said...

can't wait to hear.......never a dull moment at your house!!LOL!

Anonymous said...