Monday, 13 October 2008

Loving Fall

Last evening we got an impromptu call from our neighbors inviting us to a campfire. They have a little stone pit that they use for fires, and they drag a bunch of plastic chairs around it for sitting.
There were a couple of bags of stale marshmallows which only the kids ate.
We sat and talked and laughed. Nothing big.
Just the first fall night, cozy in our hoodies, being with our best friends.
Okay - perfect!


Anonymous said...

There is something so companionable about sitting around a crackling fire on a crisp autumn night. You're right - perfect. :)

Karasmith said...

sounds perfect!

Kirsten said...

Wish I were there. I'm sweating in the humid Thai heat.

justjuls said...

Fall is THE best!

jblieu said...

SOunds nice.