Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Look Mom!!

My friend Adela's mom hasn't been feeling good and so Adela has gone to spend some time with her. Her son, who had many pressing social engagements, stayed with us....you know, pre-school halloween party and trick or treating....things too good to miss.
Tonight right before he brushed his teeth, I convinced him to let me pull his very very loose tooth.
He wanted his mom to see how cute he looked.
So here he is Adela.
And thanks for letting us enjoy him this week!!


Anonymous said...

He should stillbe a baby. Time is going too fast :(
Hi stranger Adele. Your boy is very cute with no front teeth!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!!! Give him a big hug and kiss from his big sis, Melissa!!! Love you Josue!!

Karasmith said...

What a cute little face!

Fifi said...

Big innocent beautiful smile!!

Angie Stoneberger said...

Oh my goodness! He's so adorable! I can't believe he let you do it! I'll never forget the time you pulled mine out :p
Give him a big hug for me (his other big sis)