Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I AM Watching (sorta)

Everyone with kids does it and if your like me you do it a lot.
You drive kids piano and guitar lessons and soccer and speech club and dance and swim clinic and a million other places that kids have to go and we have to take them.

I'm not complaining. Really.
There's something about sitting for a half hour with nothing whatsoever to do that's appealing.
It means I'm not cleaning or cooking or basically thinking.
I've spent an entire hour waiting on a child and didn't have a single thought. And I liked it.
A complete soccer game has been played not 3 feet from where I've sat in my lawn chair and I didn't see a single moment of it. I looked up and smiled when the moms who were paying attention cheered.

Today I sat in the driveway of Anna's piano teacher's house. I didn't go in because my shirt was actually my pajama top that I never took off although it was 3:30 in the afternoon.
I forgot to bring something to read so for the first time in my life I played the games on my phone.
I didn't know they were so hard. They gave me stress.
And they were all demos, so just when I felt that I wasn't a complete moron, the game would end and then invited me to buy and download the real game.
I didn't. Mostly because I didn't have a clue how to download them.

What do you do when you wait on your kids?


Perri said...

I balance my checkbook - and I always keep magazines in the car. I have, however, been known to kick back and sleep.

That's a good one.

jen said...

When Noah had piano lessons I clipped coupons and wrote up my grocery list. I have never been so organized since the lessons ended. Michael sat in the back of the car and did his homework which needed to be signed off by me.

Karasmith said...

my kids are too little to have their own life, so when I am waiting in a car that's not moving, I am probably listening to screaming.

justjuls said...

I try to always have a book in my purse or car - but here's the problem.... I am so ADD and interested in people that I can't stop people watching enough to concentrate on the dang thing! Ugh.

Anonymous said...

I dream about when my cell phone had real games not stupid demos.
If I were at Anna's piano teacher's house during daylight hours, I would take a walk. You can go down toward where the little shopping strip is, cut across somewhere near the water tower and come back in exactly a half hour.