Sunday, 5 October 2008

A Plan to Prosper Them

Our 3 new kids have begun the transition to their much prayed for adoptive home.

It was a difficult decision- to let them move on - or adopt them ourselves. I prayed and thought about it so much I didn't know if what I was hearing was from God or my own thoughts. When we laughed and played, I felt like I could keep them - even though I'd be 70 when the youngest graduated. And there were times when I felt all of my 53 years...bending over and picking up dolls and Fisher Price Little People for the one hundredth time that day.
God sent a young couple to us who are madly in love with the kids and willing to take on their special needs and hurts.
I covet your prayers for these kids as they have to move on, once again. No matter how perfect the new mom and dad are, there is loss for them. The little 2 year old guy especially, who hates when I leave the room, let alone leave his life.
I'm trusting God to love them more than I can imagine.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like they are a great fit for each other. Maybe this loss and hurt will heal very quickly with the love, permanency and excitement of their new forever parents and home.

justjuls said...

I am so amazed and inspired that you even considered it - and even more so that you were able to do what was best for them and not your own heart.

I also love your new template - did you do this yourself? Lookin' schnazzy!

jen said...

It was very selfless of you to let them go. I know that could not have been easy. I hurt just thinking about it.

Hugs- jen

Shasta said...


Our prayers are with you and the children during this transition.

Emily said...

Isn't it nice though to see that God had it all worked out, even when it wasn't worked out in your head?

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

One of my dearest friends now has four more children because their temporary foster parents chose to let them go on and be adopted out. I can't imagine my friend without those kids; I can't imagine them without their parents. What a gift you are giving. Praying you are blessed and given much peace.

Kelly said...

You have done so much,I am happy they have found a home for them. I will miss playing chase with them around the yard. It is God's decision all we do know is keep them in our prayers as they transition.

Karasmith said...

We will miss them and pray for them everyday.

Fifi said...

This must be hard for you and hubby! You're in my prayers you special people!