Wednesday, 22 October 2008

History Right Before Your Eyes

Our family is using Sonlight in homeschool this year and we're doing Eastern Hemisphere Explorer, (which FiFi is going to be using too when they start back to homeschooling. Yea!)
We really really love i
t. Although my girls don't love to read, they've enjoyed all the great books we're tearing through.
We're reading "Commodore Perry and the Land of the Shogun" now and the girls are way into Japan. We read about the steamboats going from America to land in Japan and the girls weren't very familiar with them. Just so happens that James Rumsey, the in
ventor of the steamboat, made his first trial run, right here in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.
So you know that me
ans.......field trip!
We were given the key to the museum because it was closed on Monday and we had it all to ourselves. We visited the place on the Potomac where he launched his boat and hiked all over town.

To reward ourselves for learning so much, we had lunch at an authentic Japanese restaurant with the girls promising me they would try somethi
ng "real Japanessy". Miso soup all around!

Driving home we passed the High School and I was thinking how much nicer it is to learn history the way we were, rather than reading a few paragraphs in a text book.

Homeschooling is the bomb!


justjuls said...

This looks like SO much fun! You should've had SUSHI!!!! That is as Japanese as they come!

Emily said...

you sure are the mom of teenagers to say..'The Bomb'

(and you're right)

Kirsten said...

Did you get my text the other day that I got Steve to eat suchi? It was with fake crab in it, but still - it's the principle of the thing. Anyway - looks like you guys are having a blast. Heeey to my sista'z. You look great!

Karasmith said...

i wanna be homeschooled!

jen said...

That looks like a lot of fun and your girls seem so sweet.

Luke said...

" much nicer it is to learn history the way we were, rather than reading a few paragraphs in a text book."

Amen! Absolutely!


Kelly said...

I remember when you taught me. It has always been funnier then public school. The teacher barley even tough a topic and then move on to the next. The girls are blessed to have you as a teacher. You Rock and so does homeschooling.