Monday, 20 October 2008

Hop In

We have a 12 passanger van - all white. We call it "white boy". As in play that funky music..
We also have a Jeep Wrangler.

I spend a large portion of my life inside the van. It's great. You can take anyone who wants to go with you and it has a huge way back for tons of stuff. But it uses lots of gas and well, you can't be all about your image when you drive it.

Rarely I drive the Jeep. It's too small. Why is it when the mom wants to go somewhere, all the kids scramble for their shoes? My husband can go out ten times in a day and the kids don't even notice. I quietly take the keys out of the box and they're all lined up ready to go.

Yesterday I took Grace and Anna to their swim clinic. Just the three of us, so we took the Jeep.
We ran into Walmart to get a few things. It wasn't until I was rolling the full cart out that I remebered the Jeep has ZERO room in the back for groceries. No problem, we'll pile the groceries in the back seat with one of the girls. My cell phone's Kelly, she needs picked up from school. No problem, we'll just put bags on everyone's lap. The phone rings again. David's car has broke down and he needs a ride back from the car shop. Now we have 5 people in a 4 person car with 8 bags of Walmart junk.

White Boy looks good on me.


Kirsten said...

I agree. Try toting everyone and the groceries home in a taxi! I miss my Land Cruiser!

Karasmith said...

I think you should have just made David walk!

justjuls said...

Isn't that how it always happens?
Hey could you swing down to Texas and pick up a few more??

Perri said...

This sounds like a sitcom - only it's your life :)

Emily said...

You know, White Boy staged it all....his feelings were hurt.