Thursday, 28 February 2008

Stolen Post and A Good Laugh

It's really awesome that my husband and my daughters all have a blog - most of the time. But yesterday James hijacked my post!!! AnnaClaire had done something hilarious and I told him about it as I was writing the entry in my head (where they are so brilliant but vanish into thin air.) Next thing I knew it showed up on HIS blog! I think it's sad that he has to steal my posts to make his blog look good. (However he did write it very well, so check it out here.)

And first thing this morning I read my daughter Kara's blog and laughed out loud. She's too funny like her father. Cheer yourself up and read it here!

And if you have time, go over to Julie's blog and tell her Happy Birthday!

1 comment:

smallgreenriver said...

So then, why did you steal it....thinking about it doesn't make it yours...