Wednesday, 27 February 2008

My Bags are Packed (not at all yet)

James and I are celebrating the wedding of my best friends' son Lucas this weekend. I met Lucas when he was just a really large bump in his mom's shirt. Anita has six kids, but Lucas is the boy of my heart. He's 26 now, an officer in the Air Force, and stationed in Colorado. He met his soon to be wife there and that's where they're getting married.
So...James and I are off to Colorado and we're taking some extra time away. I've written lists and arranged rides and divided up chores and I think everything is in place. We have a friend whose even willing to give up his own bed for a few days to stay with the zoo, I mean kids here. My mom has volunteered to come teach for me, and although she's 85, I'm sure she'll wear the kids out with her energy. Grace has learned to set up and hook herself up to the dialysis machine and will be flying solo while we're gone.
Every once in awhile I get a little panicky about leaving this crew but I also asked God to be the final back up and He's got it handled.
What's the worse that could happen? Rhetorical question only please.


Anonymous said...

Your Mom survived France with 5 little energetic children on Spring break - she'll do great with your guys.
Have fun - tell Lucas congratulations from the JBlieu family.

jen said...

I will be covering you with prayer. Have fun!


Perri said...

Have a wonderful time away. Good thing you added the rhetorical part of your question because my mind immediately started working!

Emily said...

Totally wonderful getaway. And now you'll get to be in SNOW! (most likely you'll at least see it.)

How cool that you know that boy from the time he was a bump. I have a friend like that and it sometimes makes me think of the song I learned in Girlscouts...

Make new friends, but keep the old: One is silver and the other Gold.

I'm a dork, I know.