Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Green House

Around a year and a half ago, the Lord provided an opportunity for us to purchase the home next to ours to be used for a "missionary house". We named it The Green House because it's a place where people in ministry can come and relax, enjoy some time away and be nurtured. We were excited to be able to provide a place for our daughter Kirsten and her family to stay while home on furlough from Chad every 3 years. Right next to us!!
While we were setting it up, we thought about all the ways we could bless people who have given up so much to serve the Lord.
As with most things that you do for God, the return to our family has far exceeded the output. We have had missionaries from all over the world stay at our Green House. Each one has given us a peek into the spiritual and physical needs of the people they serve. Our kids have helped clean the house, bake goodies and baby-sit for our visitors and it has given them all a love for missions. There is nothing more exciting than when we get the call that someone needs the house.
Today we are expecting two pastors from Korea to come and stay for the week. We can't wait!


Great-Granny Grandma said...

That is so cool!

jewlsntexas said...

That is so awesome -
and once in a while a bedraggled traveler gets to hang out there as well.
Thanks for the open arms and heart with which you embrace everyone. It doesn't go unnoticed for those of us that need it so much!

Anonymous said...

It is a great house. The details and thought you guys put into it say a lot about your family.

Emily said...

What a cool ministry. Hadn't really even thought of it. Chances are, you didn't either until God laid it on your hearts. Totally neat.

Perri said...

that is so cool. Last year our ladies group re-decorated some rooms in a house (that used to be a convent) but is now a place for missionaries to stay during their respite time. It was a neat project to do, but man to have a whole house -- that's awesome.

jen said...

What an awesome thing to do. You and your husband are really inspiring. I am really glad I met you.


Amanda said...

I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY love that idea! We have some friends who built a vacation house in Branson with a finished basement for missionaries and visiting pastors, but a whole house. What a blessing!