Saturday, 16 February 2008

Update on the McKenzies

I wanted to update those who have asked about my daughter and family who were evacuated from Chad.
They are living in France at the home of another team member and will need to find a new place near public transportation by the end of next week. Most of their belongings that were left behind in Chad may be recoverable. They are making plans to move back into the country as soon as possible.
One of the things that they asked prayer for was what to do about schooling while in France. All of their homeschooling material was left in Chad. My favorite statement they made was that they didn't, of course, have school during the days that were waiting for evacuation from the fighting. They called them "rebel days" and counted them like our "snow days." (My grandchildren will most certainly have a unique education!)
One of the nice benefits of their evacuation to France is that we can actually talk to them on the phone. It was especially sweet to hear their voices that first phone call.
They still need prayer for wisdom on how to get back to the people of Chad.


Perri said...

kate, I continue to pray for them and we also had prayer for them last Thursday night at our ladies meeting.

Emily said...

oh thank you! I was wondering what was going on. And you being a homeschool mom can encourage her that learning happens ALL the time...not just w/ books. She'll really embrace that sentiment in the coming months I'm sure.

Fee said...

So glad they are well and being looked after in France. I have been thinking about them alot! They're still in my prayers.