Tuesday, 12 February 2008

This Weeks Trash Jack-Pot

Today's trash find was so excellent. And we got it right before the snow ruined it all. Why do people get rid of all this great stuff?
The only embarrassing moment was when a neighbor drove by and beeped her horn at us digging through the junk.
*and to set Emily's mind at ease....I NEVER dive for trash, I very carefully pick through it. Very sanitary.

There was this awesome picnic basket in perfect shape. Can't wait to use it this summer.

These bread baskets will come in handy!

And I love these colorful hot plates.

This 70's wood burning set has all the parts. So retro and cool. This is all just great stuff!!


Shasta said...

Wow!! Amazing what you can find in the trash. My dad used to wood burn and I wish he still did. He was so good at it.

Congrats on becoming a Grandma again!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so funny.

jewlsntexas said...

I have some hot pads just like that - they were my moms from the 70s -
Great fun.

Emily said...

I'm all for the 'next to the garbage' stuff. But please say that you don't DIVE.

I draw the line at diving.

and way cool hot pad things.

deana said...

hey, those are cool finds......especially those blocks! wow!!
I read your other post....congrats on being a grandma again.....my parents took our #4 announcement well. I bet they never thought they'd end up with at least 7 grandkids!!LOL!!
still praying for your kids in Chad now France.....thanks for stoppin' by my blog often....at least I have one reader:-)

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Wow! Great finds. Makes me want to start being more observant as I pass the neighbors' trash.

momahall said...

I saw that basket the other day, but didn't have the guts to stop! More power to ya! And my wood burner died recently. Maybe because use it for other things other than wood burning. Ok, ok, it's enameling to be specific. At least I said what it is, and didn't leave you to wonder if I was secretly tatooing people or something. heehee

Kathie said...

We used to have a wood burning set! That was so fun. The other things are great too.

Emily said...

phew. So glad you posted your disclaimer about NOT diving. I can sleep better tonight knowing you won't be getting some antibiotic resistant staph infection.

Any news about your daughter and son-in-law?

Anonymous said...

I love picnic baskets too! They are soooo handy. Like your new haircut too. I recently had a hair whacking fit as well.

Karasmith said...

Can I come over and play with your woodburning kit?!?!

jen said...

good job! i finally got my husband to take something out of someones trash. (i meant to blog about it)

why they put it out? my neighbors put stuff out and get mad if I don't take it before the trash men come... sometimes it is not worth taking...lol


Amanda said...

Great finds! Our neighborhood has bulk trash day at the first of the month, and people throw out the most amazing stuff. I don't take it all, but I've picked up some stuff -- a bookshelf, a table, a folding craft table, outdoor toys, etc. It's crazy what people will just throw out!