Saturday, 16 February 2008

Counting Mid Winter Blessings, Yes there are some

February can be a looong month, especially when you homeschool.
Marsha, over at Heart of the Matter, had a great idea. She encouraged everyone to write a list of the cool things about Homeschooling.
.............You know, a little like brainwashing ourselves to keep on going. Because by this time of the year, I'm bored with every single thing we've been doing and I'm ready to buy next years curriculum.
So here's my list of why "home is cool":
1. I get to pretend I'm a real teacher. (Which I've been pretending since I was around 8 years old and made my sisters call me Mrs. Hittlebittle.)
2. I have an excuse to buy and read children's literature.
3. I know who are influencing my kids and when it's negative influence, I just have to change MY behavior.
4. I was the first one to know that my daughter is fascinated with the study of bones.
5. There's always someone home to meet the UPS guy who is hopefully bringing me kids books from (see #2)
6. I finally learned 6th grade math including fractions and equations. (Okay, so I knew it once but it had long ago disappeared.)
7. There's always a reason to buy school supplies. Staples has miles of enticing pencils and clips and every other cool imaginable thing but I really don't get that red "Easy" button thing they sell, do you?
8. When you have to take 3 days to understand your math lesson, you aren't left in the dust. I have great patience when someone doesn't get their math right away. (See #6)
9. Bad attitudes can be corrected immediately. Theirs and mine.
10. Teaching is more fun than cleaning. (read good excuse here)

I may just survive this winter. How about you?


jewlsntexas said...

Come to Texas - winter is pretty much over. Flowers are blooming everywhere.

One warning: it is tornado season - so come as long as you don't mind having the pee scared out of ya!

Lane said...

Ten very excellent reasons!!

Emily said...

This is a great idea. :) and it's a bit pitiful when my highlight of the year is buying new curriculum.

and ditto the 6th grade math thing. There's nothing like calling 'the principal' and asking him how to do a math problem.

talk about feeling dumb.

KarenW said...

Great list! Especially #10. LOL #6 too except I would add "finally learning" ... a whole lot of things.

Randi said...

Your list is very similar to what I would write. I especially like #10! ;)