Wednesday, 6 February 2008

We finally got this email from the McKenzies this morning.

The McKenzie Family
February 6, 2008

Somewhere In-Between

I will keep this brief because our life still feels surreal. We have safely arrived in Paris after being evacuated from N'Djamena. In the last 24 hours we have traveled by helicopter, armored truck/tank, bus, van, C130, Boeing 777 and now we wait for our high-speed train. This is our third country with only 2 bags of belongings to our name. We are very thankful for the French Military and Red Cross that have provided us with some warm clothing and we look forward to seeing our team again in Chambery.

God was amazingly merciful to our family during the intense fighting but many within the missions community endured great hardships. Please continue to pray for our family and the missions community that have faithfully served in Chad. Many are leaving with only the clothes on their backs. Please pray that God will use these coming days to bring healing to the brokenness and joy in our loss.

Please be patient as communication will continue to be slow in the coming days. Thank you again for everyone that has steadfastly prayed for us over the past week.

For His Name's Sake,
Stephen McKenzie


Perri said...

Kate, I've been looking at some of the photo album's on Stephen's web page this morning. What amazing memories your grandkids are going to have when they grow up.

It so beats Hannah Montana concerts!

I hope their next 24 hours are less stressful than their last!

Emily said...

Big sigh of relief, huh?

jen said...

So glad they are safe. Praise God.

Fee said...

Kate, I have been keeping you and your family in my prayers. I knew they were in Chad and I said to hubby we need to pray for them.
I do hope all is well......
Love Fee

sophisticated said...

I had the pleasure of tutoring the family in French before their departure and have been praying for them during this time- not having the web address, I didn't know where to find information and finally googled their names. So thankful to God for the rescue. Many prayers continue to be sent their way. Nissa Q.