Sunday, 2 March 2008

Rocky Mountain Get Away

I'm sitting in a great/weird little Bed and Breakfast in Colorado Springs, Colorado! We have a view of Pikes Peak out of our window.

After 3 extremely difficult days of covering our 8 children's comings and goings and schooling and working and meals while we are gone...we made it out on Friday morning. On paper it looked like we had everything covered and I really don't want to know if anything falls throug
h the cracks. What can we do from here anyway!

We attended Lucas and Michelle's wedding yesterday - they were beautiful and young and in love with each other and the Lord.

The rest of the time here is ours to enjoy. We've already been out to Focus on the Family and I wanted the kids to be there (and then go away again.)

Today we attended a rock'n church that was about 20 times the size of ours at home. Awesome to go to a new town and walk in a church and worship with brothers and sisters!!

We're supposed to take a cog train up Pikes Peak this afternoon but snow has started falling and I have no idea what a cog train is.

One of my favorite things of this trip has been sleeping. Long, whenever I want, uninterrupted sleeping. There is actually real skin where the bags under my eyes have been for months.

And I haven't cooked a single thing since Thursday night. I know this isn't heaven but it sure feels like it!

Grace, Here I am with Whit from Whit's End. Are you so jealous!!!!

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