Wednesday, 26 March 2008


All but two of the ten of us has had the flu in the last couple of weeks. I have been picturing myself in a plastic bubble while administering to the sick and have avoided it.

We have gone through STACKS of tissues. We started using the jumbo pack at Wal-Mart and quickly moved on to the Kirkland humongo pack at Costco. We had to put a limit on how many the children were allowed to use in an hour. Steven with his extra large nose swore he needed to blow with 3 at once. We compromised at 2. Gabby with her tiny perky nose would take a tissue and daub at the tiniest stream of liquid barely discernible in her nostril and toss the tissue away. Someone was going to have to get a second job to pay for all these tissues.

Then AnnaClaire hit upon the perfect solution. Way to go Anna - and you look so good too.


Perri said...

Much better than the snot catcher drip tray I wanted to invent to avoid having to buy tissues all together.

Kathie said...

HA HA! My kids do that. It makes a very interesting time when I'm trying to teach them math or reading to them and I look up to see tissue hanging out their noses. Kameron doesn't break it down to little pieces he just uses the opposite corners. He looks like he has a big white ring in his nose.

I'm sorry you guys are not feeling well.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Very creative! I felt like doing that a few weeks ago myself! Hope everyone is back to good health- that is a lot of people to have sick at the same time! I enjoyed your post on looking at the bright side.

Emily said...

Does she know that your blog is popular and we all are looking at her w/ tissues in her nose?
If she does....she's a good natured kid.

stay in that bubble.

Karasmith said...

Someone should market a nose cork! I would have to purchase the extra-large for my spacious nostrils!

jen said...

Ewwwww... lol.

My James (age 5) just puts his hand out and catches it... so nasty. It is hard to get a picture with him in it that his nose is not yucky. (another reason to homeschool lol)


Fee said...

hehehehe..... what more can I say! She's a card!