Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Push Send

David is a pretty typical teenage boy. He answers when you ask him something or volunteers necessary information......."Mom, I just wrecked Big Red.".

Unlike the girls that tell you how they feel and exactly why they feel that way and do I think they're weired for thinking that? (yes, as a matter of fact I do)

But I found a way for deeper communication with my son. I discovered it when we opened the phone bill and found he had a $68 charge for Texting. That was over 3,000 text messages!! David goes to school for almost 8 hours, he works about 4 some night. When could he possibly find time to do all that Texting? (And he swears that's not why he wrecked Big Red.)

This is the same child who when asked to write anything - a paper for school, a thank you note- flops around and whines and complains and acts like your killing him.

So now I text him and he texts me back (along with many other people apparently). I really need to get faster on the phone keyboard - he can send me six while I'm still figuring how to make a capital letter. But it works.

I wonder if they accept term papers from your phone?


Perri said...

My fingers are too fat for fast texting. It takes me forever - I could call 10 people in the time it takes me to write one message.

Dwayne D said...

Hehehe, Shasta and I text a lot! I recommend a phone with a full keyboard. I have a Treo and Shasta has the Cingular 8125. They make texting much easier.

jewlsntexas said...

I was having dinner after co-op with some other families last night and two moms of teens and I were talking about this - how they do this texting - and NEVER talk on the phone. We wonder why we've bought them cell phones.

I LOVE David - have I mentioned that before!

JustJuggling said...

That is too funny. I am impressed you are texting. The first time I tried to text my son I wound up sending the first word one letter at a time, finally my son called me and said "what are you doing? Just call me next time."