Monday, 10 March 2008

Dink Town

Our town is small. Small like you've pretty much met everyone at least once. Maybe I'm exaggerating. Slightly.
We have a bowling alley but not a movie theatre. I would trade 6 bowling alleys for one movie theatre. Rarely do I think on a Friday evening..."Hey, I'm in the mood, lets go bowling." I've never in my life actually thought that. I do go bowling but only because my kids beg and if you say no 14 times in a row your kids will think everyone else has a nicer mom than they do. But I'd always rather sit and stare at the big screen and do nothing and eat popcorn and Nonpareils than put on other people's shoes and throw balls at pins.

Anyway. We have one department store. It's Wal-Mart. So when you shop it's not just a shopping trip, it's a social event. You WILL see someone you know there. Which is okay on those days when you plan for it. But when you walk in and you realize that you still have on your pajama shirt over your jeans and not only did you not put on make up but your not sure you even picked all the winkers out of your eyes, it's embarrassing. When I'm feeling good and looking good, I stop every couple of aisles and catch up on every one's life. More gossip is shared in Wal-Mart aisles than anywhere else on planet Earth. When I'm not in the mood (IE, look like I slept upside down in the dryer) I do the "can't see you" shopping. Suddenly my grocery list becomes as fascinating as the hottest best seller and I'm so engrossed in it I don't see you as I walk past. Which is always fun when you see someone reading THEIR list intently and you hail them down anyway.

And our town is so small that when you drive you can wave to someone you know approximately every 8th car. Except for our neighbor Tom who has never seen anyone in any other car while he's driving. I don't know what he thinks about when he drives but his own wife has waved at him in passing in their own car and no response. But other than Tom most people can guess where every one's going most of the time.

I like small towns. Everybody knows your business. Keeps you in line.


Shasta said...

Hehe! I grew up in an even smaller town with No department store, a gas station that was open for a little while and no restaraunt. More than 3/4 of the town was family and if you got pulled over your youth leader new by Sunday and dad new within 15 minutes.

I love the small towns tho because when I go home I can usually spend a couple hours in Wal-Mart and see 3/4 of the people I want to see while home.

Everyone knows everyone and sometimes too much if we're not careful. Sadly, if it weren't for Wal-Mart when would we see you all. We so need to do dinner and a movie sometime.

Perri said...

Our towns sound so much alike, except our bowling alley burned a few months ago. Our preacher has mentioned his "duck and go" shopping at WM, too.

Perri said...

Our towns sound so much alike, except our bowling alley burned a few months ago. Our preacher has mentioned his "duck and go" shopping at WM, too.

Emily said...

This is like a perfect little Readers Digest post. Just add a picture to go w/ your Walmart experience and it's a total winner.

jewlsntexas said...

Oh no - your town isn't that small - not anymore. We live in a town that is Charles Town circa 1984!!! We have one tiny BBQ shack - and a Dollar General- oh yeah and like 20 churches! no kidding.
They all do know each other and they're all related.

JustJuggling said...

That is so funny. The town I grew up in is just like that. Even now when I go back people my Grandmother's friends stop me to tell me all the who has died, who has what disease and who has more grandkids than so and so. It is like a living history book.

jen said...

Oh my gosh, I do that too! We were in a restaurant the other day and I told my husband that there are two ways I can get my food(it was a buffet) I can look down and get the food I want and enjoy the meal. Or I can look up and I will see someone I know. ONly problem... there are so many faces I know but can't remember from where. This is humiliating. Most of the town knows me and I don't know near as many of them. lol


Mrs. KLH said...

You must not get to the otherside of the town to Kohl's. I know - technically that is Ranson. They should just combine the 2 areas and call is Charson! lol

Anonymous said...

Remember Hecks? LA Joe? Jamesway?
Now we have Super Walmart, Kohls and Home Depot. And Panera Bread. We aren't in dink town anymore. It is practically the big city.
I like small towns too. It is nice to feel at home at the grocery store.