Monday, 17 March 2008

Lighten the Load

I used to NEVER let any child do laundry at my house. Ask any of them. Because kids will somehow mess up the clothes. They'll turn the whites - pink, or wash a marker or something evil. And I like doing the wash, it's my favorite household chore.
A few months ago I taught AnnaClaire to do it. She's
neat and careful and I'm busy. She's done a great job and she'll do a load whenever I ask her to. AnnaClaire will soon be getting her learner's permit and has just started working for a family across the street doing cleaning. So many mature accomplishments.
And it's driving Grace crazy! Grace is not quite one year y
ounger than AnnaClaire and she wants it all too.
So I taught her how to do laundry.
Why did I wait so long? I don't ask her to do a load, she looks for laundry through the house.

This is a picture of our laundry baskets and hanging rack and folding table. All empty!
Which is no easy task in a family of 10. S
he even matches the socks in the sock basket! It has only been a week. I'll see how this enthusiasm holds up for the long term. But right now, I'm loving it!


Anonymous said...

Good deal!

Perri said...

Think of all the wasted years when they could have helped. No, better not, it will just make you disgusted. What great help now though.

All of my kids have started doing laundry when they were about 7. That's one reason we wear cheap clothes :) because what you think would happen -- does.

Jenni said...

Can you rent one of them to me?

jen said...

I want your laundry room. I will tell you why you don't let them do it... broken dryer door and broken agitator. I have them bring it down and I have them take it up, fold it, and put it away. Rarely they rotate. Dan and I sort darks and lights but the kids' clothes are pretty much grey. lol


smallgreenriver said...

Who found the dollar I left in my pocket?

Amanda said...

I like doing the wash, it's my favorite household chore...

Please come live with me.

Emily said...

She most likely would hate hearing this....BUT....She'll sure make a good mommy someday.

Other Mother said...

I LOVE having a clean folding table and empty baskets. It doesn't happen often or last long, but it's wonderful.

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