Friday, 14 March 2008

Doesn't Anybody Understand Me?

Parenting a child with Autism has been a challenge and a joy. When our little guy came, we had no experience to fall back on and we had so much to learn. At his young age his intelligence was difficult to gauge and he was labeled severely mentally impaired. He was almost three and considered at a 9 month level in functioning. In the first two days, when he outsmarted me by sneaking the thing he wanted when my back was turned and then giving me a "ha ha" look, I guessed that he was a little smarter than he let on. What he lacks in conventional, measurable IQ, he more than makes up for in cunning and determination. The word, "stubborn", comes to mind.
He had no means to communicate when he arrived other than to bang his head hard on the floor, or wall, or on your chin if you happened to be holding him, when he wanted something. He can now sign for most of his needs and his head is happier for that. He is the hardest, sweetest, child we have cared for. Every day he learns new things and he amazes us, but there are still many struggles and frustrations. On those kind of days, he sums it up like this!


jewlsntexas said...

I can relate!
Hee hee

Perri said...

I think I may be slightly autistic, because I want to act the same way some days!

Shasta~"What is in a name?" Shakespeare's Juliet said...

I have those days.

Savor the achievements, love him and learn from him!

I wonder if God gets so frustrated with us and our struggles and lack of trust and faith in him that he too just puts a bowl over his head?

Emily said...

I totally have THUMBS up, yet COVER head days too.
I was under the impression that he left, so I was happy to read that he's still with you. You commented a while ago about someone leaving you and that reunions w/ family are happy, yet bittersweet times.

That boy is thriving. I hope you have him a long time.

Fee said...

A special child in the hands of special people! Be blessed!

Amanda said...

My sister has an minimally verbal autistic son, and we were just discussing an alternative communication device. Her son uses something like it in school, but I think there's one for at home that helps a non-verbal autistic child string words together.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I second what Fee had to say! This post made me think of a story I heard today about a 12 year old autistic girl who all of a sudden was able to start communicating. It is being featured here in Canada on W5 tomorrow night, and next week on 20/20, I think.