Friday, 21 March 2008

Different Point of View

Our 5 year old, Gabby, asked me, "So what does - look on the bright side- actually mean?" I gave her an extremely long explanation; threw in some verses and she understood completely.
I don't know if her question jinxed me or maybe God saw what lay ahead and had me all prepared, but the next few days our discussion came to me over and over.

Grace developed some signs of peritonitis (infection in her abdomen which is very bad when you are doing dialysis) and when we went to have it checked they insisted on admitting her. I didn't want to accept that decision - there were eggs to dye and dresses to buy and company was coming for Easter. I was throwing little fits and mumbling not nice things about how stupid I thought the doctor was being. When we got her room assignment we discovered she would be in the new wing of Children's Hospital and it was nice. I got her settled into the bed and went sulking over to the window. There, framed in the window perfectly, was a magnificent view of the Capital dome and the Washington Monument in the background behind a row of cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Okay, that was a bright side.

We got home in time for Easter and I bought two roasting chickens to cook slowly for lunch while we were at church. Early Easter morning I searched through both refrigerators for the roasters that I asked one of the kids to put in the night before. They weren't there. I couldn't understand it. I found them - in the freezer - minutes before we left for church, as hard as cannonballs. I was ready to throw a full out mad fit. Then, thanks to Gabby, I looked on the bright side. We could buy some roasters at the grocery store and I wouldn't have to cook!! Not cooking is definitely bright!

I don't want to get all stupid and happy about every bad thing that happens but it is nice when my mad fits are shorter and a little less loud.


jblieu said...

Thank you Pollyanna.

jen said...

Oh my goodness... that is so something that would happen here. She is right, you did not have to cook. I find the more flexible I am, the less stressed out I am.


Jim said...

dang...jblieu beat me to the Pollyanna punchline.

Emily said...

freaky...that showed up as a comment from my husband...

it's really me. :) Emily

Jenni said...

"Pollyanna" *snort*

My mom always said, "well, we're here now, what are we going to do about it?" whenever something went wrong.

Me? Not so much.