Friday, 21 March 2008

Wow. A "real blog"

Kate is at the hospital for a "more than routine less than emergency" for our daughter Grace. Of course, an emergency for Grace goes beyond our normal mortal ability...

To make it even more fun, Kate can't get onto the internet to post her blog. This is our second daughter's 29th birthday. I told Kate this morning that I posted to my 2 blogs and emailed Kara, but Kate replied "yeah, but no one reads your blog...will you post it on mine?"


So, with all of the privilege that goes with entering on a blog that is READ, here's what I said:

"Today is the 29th birthday of our second daughter. She was our spring baby, and has been that all of her life. She grew up in the pink fluff of a princess, often seen donning a tiara while playing in the sandbox. As though to memorialize the maturity of her "pinkness", she named her first daughter Scarlett, a color that must start out as pink before it deepens with age.

Kara has a smile that shows her gums. She is still a little apprehensive about going to the MacDonald's counter by herself. If any male dares suggest a car repair, she is under the hood in a flash proving there is nothing under there that a girl can't fix. Her baby Scarlett enjoys the best researched diet on the planet, and her husband Nate is the only person that laughs as much and enjoys the same quirky brand of music as much.

Our father God showed Kate and I his love by blessing us with Kara. "

Oh, and since I have am blogging in this realm of higher readership, look on Kate's blog for Smallgreenriver and James' Jernill for some light reading from the other end of the blogosphere.

And also, to prove that I am less than hopeless in this effort, a lot of comments would be nice. After you have your first coffee.


Dwayne D said...

LOL, I actually read this on SmallGreenRiver an hour ago. So I'm at least on person who reads it!!!

Perri said...

Happy birthday to Kara. You can tell Kate I was going to skip her blog till I saw you were posting if that will make you feel better :)

Of course, she'll know you are lying and you could get in trouble......

Hope Grace is home soon!

jen said...

Hi James
Praying for Kate and Grace.
Thanks for letting us know.


Anonymous said...

I read it. And even commented.
Happy Birthday Kara!!!

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday Kara. Praying for Grace.

Kate, you don't look quite so pretty today.

julie said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter and good for you for posting in such unknown territory!

Emily said...

Hey, you did good!
And Kate has about a million lurkers. I happen to know several of them. So the numbers of her readership are even higher.

She's like popular or something. :)