Monday, 21 January 2008


My daughter Kara and her husband have been living in the suburbs of Maryland for the last couple years and have decided to sell and move to the city. Baltimore is an exciting city and has a great harbor for their sail boat.
So, yesterday we all went over to help them with some projects to get their house ready to sell.

Anna and Grace watched the kids and did general clean up.

James replaced 3 ceiling lights.

Trent spent most of the time helping us by staying in "the kid corral".

Nate and Steven laid the new flooring. When they weren't watching the game.

We got lots done and it's always wonderful spending time with Kara and family.
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Great-Granny Grandma said...

He doesn't look too happy about it (Trent). LOL

jen said...

It is cool to hear about your grown kids. Do you have big family get-togethers at holidays? Nice how you are all helping out. Even Trent lol

Lane said...

I would like to organize a workday at the Higdon household!!! You guys are awesome.