Thursday, 24 January 2008

I Feel Pretty

The girls went with me yesterday for an initiation into the adult world of "pain for beauty"....they got their eyebrows waxed. I decided to take them because they had, some time ago, tried the plucking method on their own. It was bad. Anna had one eyebrow an inch higher than the other and Grace had plucked a hole in one of hers.
They were nervous the entire day wondering, "How bad is this going to hurt?" I reassured them that it hurt so bad it could make your eyes water. They wanted it anyway.
The results were lovely, although Anna Claire said the smaller brows made her look like a mean girl. Grace just danced around and said she felt like someone new. Imagine, a whole new personality for the $5 price of removing some straggly hairs.
We are strange sometimes.


Fee said...

Ahhh the girlz must have had a blast! iT'S GREAT when you feel like a million dollars... even if it means having to endure some pain! You are such a good mommy!

I love the look of your blog...... it's been to the beautician to!

Anonymous said...

Sounds painful, glad it was worth it.

alex said...

i have never plucked or waxed a single hair. and i'm 21. i don't feel i am missing out on much. once, i went to have a manicure and i was a nervous wreck. and then i just took the polish off because it felt too heavy... i'm just not cut out for the beauty world. haha

jewlsntexas said...

My girls get theirs done - and totally love it. With daddy being off work - we are starting to look like caterpillars again!
It is so nice.
Did you get yours done too??

KarenW said...

Amazing what a big difference a small thing can make.