Friday, 4 January 2008

On the 89th Day of Christmas

I was talking to someone on the phone yesterday and they said they were in the middle of taking Christmas down. Oh my goodness!! Christmas was about a billion years ago now. I love the Christmas tree and lights and decorations...until about one second after Christmas Day and then it all annoys me.
Luckily I have a son just like me. He usually starts asking right after we open our gifts if I want him to take everything down. I don't allow him to, mostly because it's his birthday on Christmas and he shouldn't have to work that hard. The next day though he's hauling crates down from the attic and packing everything up. All the kids help and in a couple of hours the entire holiday season has been dragged away. With so many packing so quickly I lose a few things each year. This time a poor nutcracker lost his shoe and his entire head cracked away from his neck. Small price to pay to have my house back to normal.
I have friends who like to "savor" the holiday and there it is - all sitting there well into January. And people are still turning on their outside Christmas lights every night. (My son Kevin and I used to play a game when we drove around in January, imposing imaginary fines per day for decorations on houses after January 4th.) It's not too bad since they're not on my house, but I have major objections to still blowing up those air-filled decorations in January. Okay, I hate them even in December. And if they're not bad enough all blown up, what's with them laying all over the yard, dead and deflated during the day? Looks like a serial holiday killing.
Here's my sincere apologies to all those who love the blow up stuff.
I'm really not a Grinch, I'm just always ready for the next thing.
3 cups of coffee - no Ridilin please.


Perri said...

I'm right with you. My stuff comes down Christmas night usually. While I still have lots of big helpers to haul it out to the garage.

Kathie said...

I am so with you. I love Christmas and AFTER Thanksgiving I'm all into decorating and listening to Christmas music and looking at lights, but after Christmas I'm on to the next thing(Kameron's birthday of course) and I'm done with it. I usually wait until Jan 1 to take everything down (saves on the protests of those who like the stuff), but the tree lights never come back on and everything else just looks like clutter to me and it is like an itch I can't scratch until it is all put away.

Dana said...

The problem is the secular world wants us to think the christmas season is over and that it started when they decided to put the first decorations out to sell. In reality, the Christian church from early on celebrated the season different, the season started on Christmas and ends on EPIPHANY Jan 6. So we keep our lights and decorations up till then.


Emily said...

whoa. Dana just told you!

I'm with your son. Christmas Day...if it weren't for my pajamas, I'd be putting everything away.

Except this year, all our stuff was in storage and ALL I had were stockings. It took like 1 minute and I was done.

Score one for moving a lot.

Big Red Driver said...

Okay, Dana has a good reason for keeping the stuff up! I stand corrected!

KarenW said...

I say a week into the new year is good. In Romania, they don't put the tree up until Christmas Eve and it stays up for the entire month of January. They always thought we were weird for putting it up at the beginning of December.