Tuesday, 8 January 2008

I Think I See Something....

Yesterday our science class dissected worms. What all the worm dissecting people aren't' telling you is that the stuff inside worms is really really small and mostly unremarkable. We were instructed in our dissecting guide to gently lift the esophagus up and forward to reveal the reproduction organs. The esophagus was the size of a barley bean and I'm not really sure we saw anything under it. We just have to live in faith that earthworms reproduce.

And it was, no kidding, 70 degrees outside.

After lots of washing up the class headed to the river for "Hands on Biology". Which really means that we were not about to waste a beautiful day talking about science when we could go outside and enjoy it. Only two of the kids actually fell in. The water in the Shenandoah River IS NOT 70 degrees! I'm sure some of the parents didn't appreciate the wet seats going home.

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Emily said...

Real science is fun.

Dissecting worms is not. yuck. And I even fish! But I'm not loving the fact that higher ups might want my kids to dissect them.

I might be a rebel and just refuse.