Friday, 18 January 2008

Back in TV Land

After almost four years, my husband and I decided to once again have television in our house. We announced it to the kids at our family meeting last week and they were stunned. They thought we were kidding. They were really shocked that we chose to get satellite television because there were so many channels to watch.
That's where the catch came in. Because the signal is digital, it's easy to delete access to certain programing. Disney, or cartoons or Fox, etc.
But they were delighted to watch the History & Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

I introduced them to the wonderful world of HGTV. The girls loved House Hunters and we watched 2 episodes back to back.

The kids applauded the man on the roof installing the dishes. We needed two and he said that was good because in West Virginia you show your wealth two many couches on the porch and satellite dishes on your trailer.

And now for the two days after the dish was installed, we are in a snowstorm and school is cancelled. What lovely timing!
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Anonymous said...

House hunters is my favorite. Now at the beach the TV won't be novel and compete with the ocean.

jewlsntexas said...

I love it!
I didn't know that!
I have always thought if we could choose just what channels we could have coming in - we would do it.
Wow - I might have to check that out - although the only person who wants to watch it is Kullen and it's cartoons all the way baby!
It is the main reason we decided not to bring it into our new house. A summer of cartoons living in the apartment was one thing - but not every day.

Kathie said...

I'm working on the characteristic of JEALOUSY right now. It isn't a pretty characteristic. Living a life without the world of the History Channel and Discovery and even HGTV is a whole lot easier when you are surrounded by those in the same predicament. Although Julie H. has shown me the world of internet programing, which is a beautiful thing.

jen said...

We just gave up cable and love it. But dh just got two playstations and it doesn't seem to be something we cannot manage. I hope we never go back to unlimited channels. I do miss the history and discovery channels but we get lots of videos and dvd's at the library that teach whatever we are studying at the time.

I love your pics on the sidebar. Helps me know what kids you have.


Emily said...

Oh man. The old t.v question. It is a never ending challenge round here. WE went 12 years w/ nothing. We had 6 months of basic tv.....then nothing again. Then moved to a house w/ cable. I became an addict. Then we had nothing again. Then we had basic 4 channels. (that seems totally do-able to me...)Then nothing again.

THEN...we moved here and have the Dish network. Now, it's only been 4 months and the last two days (your post is very timely) he's on the "T.V. is evil" kick again.

but I sniffle and say, "But what about The Food Network? Iron Chef and Bobby Flay? sniff, sniff. And Law and Order? and....sniff, sniff...old Frasier re-runs and The Super Bowl?"

he could care less about my addictions, but the Super Bowl thing had him pacified for a few days.

So if he stays on his kick I might have you plug into The Food Network and keep me informed.

I mean, how will I ever learn to cook w/o it?

Perri said...

Make sure your kids check out Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. It's one of our favorites.

And "How it's made" - same channel.

Shasta said...

I can't remember a time without tv. We have shows we watch weekly as our down time and I love the food network. The kids at work listen to Spirit which is a Christian music station. We also went a step further and got skyangel which is faith based tv with channels like tvu which is all Christian rock videos and the gospel music channel with all kinds of Christian music videos. It's great!!!

KarenW said...

My dd and I love HGTV. It's educational even! We're not getting your snowstorm here. It's just COLD. 12 degrees right now and I have to take my son to driving class. UGH!

Keet said...

We are hopeless PBS Nerds. We arrange our entire days and weeks sometimes around some piece of paper I have taped to the front of the tv to remember the dog or nature documentary or part two of Miss Marple coming on. If I had Animal Planet, I would never leave the house again. :) We do get one local NBC station that we forget to watch. However,Wolfgang is always scoping out homes at which to sleepover that happen to have satellite, so don't be surprised to find a bunch of DimWhits on your front porch next time snow starts to fall!