Thursday, 10 January 2008

One Man's Trash

I admit to being a junk collector...I pick up good junk from people's trash....I LOVE Goodwill (as does Emily)....and I've trained my children to be on the look out for good junk too. One son was embarrassed as he sat in the drivers seat of the car while I was getting something good out of someones trash and the people came home to find us blocking their driveway while I was hauling stuff into our van. My son just kind of melted down into the seat. I thought it was funny actually.
Last week my daughter called and said that while driving through town she thought she saw a little tykes kitchen in someones trash but didn't have a car big enough to pick it up...would I go check it out?
What a find!! The kitchen is great and my kids are enjoying it until we can haul it down to Maryland to Kara.
The thrill of finding treasure among trash is soo better than shopping at the mall.
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Lane said...

looks like you found a diamond in the rough!!! I'm sure Layla will have no problem breaking it in this weekend.

Jenni said...

Holy crap, Kate, that is hysterical. I remember crouching down in my mom's car b/c she went to K-Mart. I think I would have strangled myself had she gone dumpster diving.

Of course, now with 4 of my own, I'm all about the bargains.

Julie told me about your blog. Much enjoying.

Perri said...

People like you are why whyen I have good trash - Ijust put it out to the side. Saves them having to go through it all and it never fails that someone will come by and pick it up. Works out great for both of us.

Nothing better than something FREE that just needs a little cleaning. :) The kitchen looks great.

Shasta said...

hehe..brings back memories. My mom was what we refer to as a dumpster diver and still is. We got some great furniture from the trash! The kitchen looks in great shape. Careful with them tho they do seem to easily tip over. I hope Layla enjoys!

Keet said...

You are my biggest competition for the local Goodwill. I have a tracker on your van which notifies me when you leave the house headed for Goodwill so that I can beat you there, or at least call ahead and have them hide all the good books.

Emily said...

*sniff, sniff* I feel so honored to be mentioned in such a great post.

Goodwill (and many other cheap-o thrift stores) is my favorite. I haven't acutally DIVED into a dumpster, but I've picked up some really cute furniture NEXT to someone's a commenter above said.

I think I need to hit the Goodwill here soon. It's been over 2 weeks! yikes. WHat books and cute kids clothes did I miss out on?

Mammy said...

You go girl...yet one more reason I am honored to call you friend. :) You know I am all about free stuff!

Anonymous said...

Good eye! another great find.

jewlsntexas said...

Ha ha!
So it's genetic, huh?
Well with your huge honkin van that I will always think is red - even though I know it is now WHITE - you oughta be able to pick up whatever you want!

Marci said...

Looks like you found a treasure. I love to trash pick, but both my husband and son are horrified. =)

Anonymous said...

Kate - Do you know about Freecycle, the Yahoo group? It's great!! People give things away like crazy on there, me included!