Monday, 23 June 2008

Time Out for Fun

This is our annual week at the beach. Years ago when we first came down, our family fit into a small cottage. Now we rent more than one house as the kids are having kids and everyone comes with us. Our oldest grandchild is 15 and our youngest grandkids are due in July and November. It may be sunny or rainy and the water could be perfect or full of jelly fish. It doesn't matter when we have our week together. I haven't had many pleasures better than watching this family that God put together, playing and loving each other.

This is Layla who decided she LOVES the ocean this year.

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deana said...

how fun!! our family used to do that with grandparents, aunt and uncle and cousin, we'd rent a house for 2 weeks down at Rehobeth Beach. Memories!!!
oh.....our 15yr old came back, asking to move back in.....i'll have to blog about it....

jblieu said...

Wish I was there with you guys :(
Tell everyone Hi from me!

Emily said...

What a fun family tradition! Keep on renting those houses, as it looks like your family keeps on growing. Soon it will be dozens of 'em. :)

Kathie said...

Oh man that sounds like fun!

When growing up my extended family would go to the mountains for a week. I really miss doing that. We all moved to different parts of the country and can't get together like that anymore.

Layla looks so big in this picture!