Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Ghetto Today - Gone Tomorrow

There's a new trend in the country apparently, for young couples to abandon the suburbs and move back to the city. Forecasters who study population migration, are even predicting that the once lauded suburbs will fall in such disfavor that they will become the next low income area. They talk about the mini-mansion homes being carved up into apartments and falling into disarray.
Our daughter Kara, always a front runner, has sold her home in the suburbs of Maryland and bought a row house in down town Baltimore.
When I grew up in Maryland, her area of Baltimore was the ghetto, but little by little, street by street, these young people are claiming it back. They can afford to get into the long narrow row houses and then they get to work. Kara and Nate have already started the transformation and we're excited for them.
We went down for a visit and enjoyed walking the streets and seeing the city life. She has a beautiful park 2 blocks down from her house complete with playground, pool and tennis. They can walk to the Inner Harbor and tons of restaurants.
City life isn't for everyone but they make it look fun!


jblieu said...

I get homesick for city life - especially being able to walk to everything and never having to drive again, but my children say no way :(
Ricky says (about the mountain, gesturing to the back yard) "What could be better than this?"

Kathie said...

I will take the country thank you very much. I like to have some breathing room and I have a nice creek to play in and lots of trees to hang swings from or play neverland in. And if my husband and I are arguing a little loudly (which NEVER EVER happens) the neighbors won't have a clue.

What is James doing in the picture? It gave me a chuckle.

jen said...

I have always thought it would be fun. My son David wants to live in a city. I don't think it would work for a large family though. I did not realize that it was becoming a trend. I think that is good really.


warm fuzzies, jul said...

I wonder though... will the 'new' influx of young families adhere to the 'old code' of meticulously hand scrubbing the front stoop every Saturday morning, and walking to 'the Market' as in Lexington or Broadway Market, to do their shopping. If that style of living ie... pride in your home, being vested in the community... is what is returning, then sign me up! I know all about the ghettos of Balmor' hon! If I thought we could seriously do this as a family, I'd rent the Mayflower Truck today & be gone tomorrow!

jewlsntexas said...

It looks like fun - but I think I would get claustrophobic living so close to other people. One fun thing would not be having a yard to take care of! Does she have a yard in the back?

Big Red Driver said...

She has a tiny yard big enough for a toddler pool and a sand box. What more could Scarlett want?