Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Come Here LIttle Doggy

Witt, our little puppy, is adorable and sweet.

But he is a puppy and puppies have issues.

House training issues for one.
I'd actually rather find his poops the second day as they are nice and dried up and don't smell any more.

And he chews everything. Barbie now has one good hand and the other....a stump. Everyone's flip flops are destroyed around the edges and Polly Pocket has to buy a whole new wardrobe.

This is his latest Killing Field. The dead monkey in the foreground has it's white cotton brains spattered everywhere. (Witt actually threw up a ball of monkey brains yesterday.) The glasses once belonged to one of us. The other objects are too badly decomposed to be identified.

Nice thing about puppies over babies is that when you get annoyed enough you can shut them up in their kennel. (If you can catch them)


jblieu said...

When will the senseless killing stop...

Benji has much more sophisticated taste, he enjoys chewing on my grandmother's antique chair :(

Mrs. KLH said...

White cotton brains! HAHAHAHA! I know some people with those, I think! :-)

girl with a flower tattoo said...

my rabbit chewed everything. all my flip flops had little nibble bites on them; she chewed a hole through my bathroom wall; she pulled up bits up my carpet; she chewed my cell phone cord. and then I moved out.

Gayle said...

Thanks for reminding me why I DO NOT want a puppy. Cute and adorable only go so far with me.

Gruesome pictures of monkey brains. Ack!

Karasmith said...

Ahh, the good old days...remember when Ava chewed up your laundry room wall? Once again, very very sorry about that!!

jblieu said...

I spoke too soon about sophisticated tastes ... yesterday I came home and was folding laundry, except something was not quite right. Someone had chewed out the crotch of a pair of one of the kid's underwear! We strongly suspect Benji.