Friday, 13 June 2008

It's Almost Time

We have gotten the official word that our two youngest will be returning to their biological mom in the next few weeks. They've been here almost a year and we've worked closely with mom to reunite this family. We almost never see the parents make the changes necessary to have their kids returned, so it's a rare treat to have this outcome.
There will be so less work when they go toys to pick one up at the crack of diapers.
We figured out that you have to love the kids full out while they're here, letting them into every crack of your heart, even though the eventual separation may hurt. Just like ripping a band aid off your arm, hair and all, the healing is underneath for the kids.
God assured me a long time ago that He would take over when we handed the kids off.
But my heart is ripping a little around the edges this time.


jewlsntexas said...

It is one amazing dang thing that you do.

jblieu said...

What will you do with your time?
You and James are good at loving the kids full out, even when they are very hard to love.

Perri said...

Tears in my eyes as I type, knowing full well the ripped heart feeling. Every time I even read about it, my own hurts again for some that have left our home.

You'll be in my prayers and I'm glad you have the assurance that they are going to parents who will love them.

jen said...

How wonderful that they are returning to their parents. I hope they have learned what they needed to be good parents.

I am so sorry for your pain. I always said this is something I could not do. I think I could now though. What you do has incredible eternal value. You give them love knowing that you will be hurt and have to give them up. You may be the only one in their lives that expose them to Jesus. I know what you do is pleasing to God. No doubt.

hugs- jen

Emily said...

*hugs* from me too.

deana said...

i understand.....our 15yr old went home today after 3 years with us.... she called within 3 hours saying she didn't like being home...her bio dad was complaining about her being home.....sigh.... never gets easy.....we are out of fostercare for a while..... quite an adjustment to our family after 7 years (we have to cause we have 4 of our own kids now..well...soon!)......praying for the hurt to go away, but your tender heart to remain forever

Jenni said...

When I think of the impact you have had on their lives,it is unbelievable!

My mom got a call about 10 years ago from a woman they had fostered for only about a year, when she was 15. She said that that one year had changed her life, she was married with kids and serving God!

Your influence on these two will be lifelong.