Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Study in Contrasts

I love this picture of my parents. (Thanks for sending it Lane)

This picture is so them.

My mom is wild...and I don't mean wild for 85, she is wilder than anyone I know. She thinks everything and everyone is interesting and no one can make me laugh harder.
This living life full out has cost her a shattered right shoulder early in May (while running in the rain) and on Sunday she fell and broke her left arm. As she lay in the hospital she entertained all of us and quite a few nurses.

Then there's my Dad. He's the most quiet and gentle person I know. He enjoys my mom's zest for life and keeps her anchored to the ground. Everything he does, he thinks carefully through first. He would never break anything. And in his quiet way, he's been my mom's best friend and nurse and they are what I want to be at that age. (well, minus the broken stuff.)
I love you Mom and Dad. (They do read my blog. They have to, they're my parents.)


jblieu said...

Your Mom is amazing and it is pretty evident where you got your enthusiastic energetic personality from!

Fifi said...

Such blessings! Oh yes I agree with jblieu ...... from what I have learnt about you, I think you must be very like your mom!

I wish my parents read my blog! sniff sniff (LoL)

jen said...

They look really sweet and fun at the same time.

jewlsntexas said...

That is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long while -
You are a terrific mix of these descriptions. I'm sure knowing you - there is some broken stuff in your future!

Emily said...

Cute picture. Your mom is like a grown up Anne. (of Green Gables that is...)
I admire spunk. It's fun to know people who enjoy life to it's fullest.

Emily said...

oh, I didn't mean to leave out your daddy. He's always been a handsome one, huh?