Sunday, 15 June 2008

Always the Baby

In a family that does foster care, it's sometimes hard to know your role in the family. One day you may be the oldest daughter and the next you become a middle child. A few years ago, of the nine kids living here, we had 4 that were the "baby" of their biological families. You have to work hard to stay at the bottom of that heap!
Despite all the comings and goings, Grace has remained fixed in her sibling order. She was only a few months old when she came to us and some how managed to reign as "king" of the baby of the family.
So this week when we celebrated her 15th birthday, it was shocking to see all her very teen age friends playing in the pool.
If the baby is growing up, does it mean that dinners for two are around the corner?


jewlsntexas said...

Happy Birthday Grace!
I can't believe that is the little girl you used to have to tell me not to pick up when she fell on her face at my feet! Oh gosh - that was so hard, and it seemed like she targeted me! It is a reflex I had to work hard to resist.
That is a special girl.
I love you Grace!

Emily said...

15 is still a baby....I will keep chanting that, as my big baby will be 13 this year. EONS from 15, right?

Cute suits those girls have on.

jblieu said...

Grace Ann is the ultimate baby of the family. She perfected it and no one will ever steal it from her!
Happy birthday Grace!!! Hope 15 is the best year yet.

Kathie said...

Happy Birthday Grace!

The babies of the families are the ABSOLUTE BEST. (From one to the other)