Friday, 20 June 2008

Little Tick - Big Mark

David has been laying around wrapped up in a blanket since Tuesday morning. He never lays around- ever. He's been running a temperature of 101-102 and we thought he had some kind of viral thing until yesterday when my husband spotted this "bulls-eye" on his back. They headed straight to the doctor and she agreed it was Lyme's Disease! It's fairly common around here (as are deer) but I've never seen such a tell-tale mark.
Apparently the antibiotics should bring a full recovery at this stage.


jblieu said...

Feel better David.

Kathie said...

Oh ouch! Nasty little critters.

Tayva had that on her ankle and couldn't walk for two days. Antibiotics are wonderful but they still have some issues from the Lymes, you never really get it out of your system. Tayva struggles with knee joint problems and a lot of headaches and we believe it is from the Lymes.
Kaitlyn had the bulls eye on her stomach but not quite the size David got.

Get to feeling better David.

Kirsten said...

Little precious is sick. Ohhhh. Give him a big smoochy kiss from his big sis.

jewlsntexas said...

that is one big ol' bullseye!
Kaitlyn had one on her wrist when she was little.
She has not had any recurrent side effects that we know of -
Poor guy!

Perri said...

I hope he gets better quick. So glad you guys spotted that!

jen said...

Glad you found it early on.
I can't believe he did not know himself... that had to itch! yikes

Emily said...

It really DID make a bullseye. weird.

Becoming Me said...

Oh heavens. That is awful. Amazing how something so tiny can do so much damage. I hope he gets better soon

Halfmoon Girl said...

Yikes! We have ticks here too. This year has been the first time we have ever had one on one of the kids. We caught it right away though as it was on her neck. Hope he feels better soon!