Saturday, 31 July 2010

High and Tight

David has a huge responsibility around here - there are five little men who want to be him.
The standard for the "right" sneakers is whatever he has on his feet. They wait to see what he orders at a restaurant before they make their choice. Most of them now want to go into the Air guessed it - just like David.
And just like him they all now get their hair cut, "high and tight".

And I'm okay with this - mostly.

When I have a son with an attitude I can say, "Do you ever hear David talk to me disrespectfully?" They are ashamed because he would not - ever. I can encourage them to work hard like David, both at his job and especially around the house. They see him gladly go to church every Sunday and live out a life that shows love to not only the people he knows but even to the stranger on the corner.

But there is his room. If any of them EVER let their room turn into a pig sty like David's...well, nobody can be perfect. Oh and I really don't want them wearing their pants below the underwear top.

But if the little boys turn out like David, I'll be okay with that. Really okay.


jblieu said...

What a great role model. Lucky boys!

Shelby said...

How sweet of you to honor your husband and have such a wonderful role model for your children.

Kate said...

Actually David is my kid. My husband is okay too.

jblieu said...


mommyx12 said...

I really don't think our older children realize how much influence they have on the younger ones. That's so nice to see your son being so thoughtful of them. Helps to keep everyone in a 'straight line' just like your photo.