Friday, 23 July 2010

What's That Crawling in the Garbage?

Elijah is our garbage man( he's the one on the right). He handles it all...emptying the many cans in the house, including the kitchen can which needs emptying at least 2 times a day, moving all the trash to the 3 big red cans in the garage, sorting out the recycling stuff and getting the cans out to the road once a week.

This guy does a great job - he takes it seriously. So he tackled his latest garbage job with a flair yesterday. The cans had maggots. The temperature has been in the 90's for the last week and we baby-sat some diaper clad kids, whose waste made a tasty treat for the maggots.


Elijah got out the cans and the hose and a broom and got to work. Now, why his brothers thought this looked fun, I really have no idea, but there they were - scrubbing maggots and having a great time.

Nothing like maggot removal for a good time.


jen said...

How old is he? I am going to show this to my son Matthew... he is 13 and I have to remind him CONSTANTLY to do the garbages... ugh... lol

Kate said...

Elijah is 10 and an exception at our house. We have lots of kids much older who don't work as hard as he does!

Shelby said...

Ahhh he is a faithful servant with good work ethic. Good job Elijah:)